For some, law is not solely a career field. It is a platform for individuals who want to play an integral role in the legal system, particularly in impartial decision-making. The common areas of legal practice include criminal law, constitutional law, property law, corporate law and family law. Students who want to study law in Malaysia should have a strong academic background in English and History based on their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam results. Additionally, students are required to complete a pre-university programme like A-Level, Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), Diploma or the equivalent to fulfil the university’s entry requirements.

  • First-hand guidance from legal practitioners and professionally accredited lecturers.
  • Innovative, close, and interactive teaching approach.
  • Transfer opportunities with our prestigious partner universities from the UK and Australia.
  • Practical training through partnerships with legal firms and courts.

With so many law courses and programmes in Malaysia, how do you know which university offers the right law degree programme for you? At INTI, we have several key reasons why our law course programme is worth considering.

  • Prestigious Partner Universities
    INTI’s UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law) is one of the available law twinning programmes in Malaysia. The course offers students the option to transfer to major law schools and prestigious universities, mainly in the United Kingdom. Among them are The University of Sheffield, The University of Liverpool Law School and the University of Leeds. All qualifications are recognised by the Bar Standards Board in the UK as well as the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia, which conducts the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) examination.
  • Experienced and Accredited Law Lecturers
    Our academic staff comprise of accredited legal practitioners and experienced professionals who were previously in the legal profession. Academic lessons are enriched when you have access to firsthand insights of professionals who have been in the legal industry before. Not only will you have a certificate in law upon graduation, these life stories and knowledge shared by INTI’s law educators will help you to prepare yourself for real-world scenarios.
  • Innovative Learning
    INTI’s innovative Blackboard learning system provides an enhanced learning experience for students to interact with their lecturers and peers through online forums. They can also playback the course content using the recorded videos and lecture notes during revision. Thanks to our specialised online learning system, students can collaborate and interact on class projects, leading to an enriching team-based learning. Learning in a group setting promotes teamwork, communication skills and critical thinking when solving a task.
  • Transferable Skills
    The field of law needs an analytical mind, which is an essential skill in any career field you choose. Due to the nature of the academic field, the study of law engages students to analyse and draw conclusions in an impartial and meticulous manner. In other words, law produces critical thinkers. Apart from that, studying law motivates students to persuasively and critically reason both in the written and verbal discourses.These soft skills are not only applicable in legal practice, but also in other professions as well. INTI encourages students to pursue their career aspirations if they wish to venture beyond practising law. INTI’s previous batches of law graduates have successful careers in other fields, such as journalism, education and even in the arts!

Why you should study Law at INTI

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